Our Technology

Driver Handheld Devices

AAA Express utilizes the most advanced handheld devices available to allow our Dispatchers to quickly communicate with our drivers to obtain immediate status of your order. Bell Canada’s Push to Talk Technology platform is utilized for voice communication while the software Driver Complete interfaces with Courier Complete on our office computer system to ensure the quick transmission of accurate information to our drivers. Each handheld device is also equipped with a GPS location service which is monitored in real time by our dispatch team.


Dispatching Orders & Online Proofs of Delivery

Orders are placed either by phone or online via our website (refer above for demo of online order system). The dispatch team receives the order on their computer screens and it is then dispatched to the appropriate driver’s wireless handheld device. Once the driver updates their handset that the order has been picked up, the time will be recorded in our system and will also be available through online tracking of your order. Upon delivery of the order, the driver enters the consignee’s signature and types in the receiver’s name into the handheld device. This signature capture is received in real time and posted on our client’s online waybill. The order delivery information is also stored for future use by our clients who have access to information 24/7 through the AAA Express online system.


No Loss of Power

AAA Express has an emergency generator on site in case of any power outage. The generator ensures that AAA Express will continue to operate without interruption during any inclement weather or power outage scenario.