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Contest winners, the reason why we have contests and more...

Congratulations to Sania, Dustin and John as they are the winners of the Hasta La Vista 2020 contest

Why do we do these contests you ask?

Our clients are the backbone of our business. Yes, we came up with the company, we came up with the name, we were the masterminds behind it all. But the most important person in our business is not us. No matter how great our service is, or how great we are, the client is what made and continues to make us a success, and the client is ultimately the most important person. During the COVID-19 pandemic, every one of us has faced challenges and we appreciate our local businesses supporting us as we support them throughout these difficult times.

"We notice our clients working hard through the pandemic"

We notice our clients working hard through the pandemic and all the lockdowns and we want to give back to our small business friends anyway that we can. Giving away prizes is our way of saying thank you for your support and loyalty. We will be hosting some new contests and we will continue to give back to the hard-working local businesses.

Take a moment to thank someone today and make them feel appreciated.

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