• Kristen Allain

Is logistics efficiency your weakest link?

A recent survey sponsored by Capgemini Consulting shows that 40% of shippers were unsatisfied with their logistic/courier company’s technological capabilities. Shippers are eager to take advantage of technology-based innovations that are sweeping the logistics industry to make order placement and communication more simple.

At AAA Express we are always making investments in order to use the most up to date technology and software to meet these needs, including easy order placement, communication between drivers and dispatch as well as communication between customer service and shippers.

With our current software, the average customer spends 30-60 seconds completing an order through our online ordering system. One of our account features include our quick access login at the top of the website. When you login to your account you will then see your

dashboard. Your dashboard has an address book feature that can help you save pickup and delivery information for future orders. Once orders are saved you can then populate addresses which are in alphabetical order in your address book.

Our online system also has a package type section where you can put the quantity of your pieces such as boxes, envelopes, skids, long bars, pails, drums, rolls and more. We also have a quick vehicle type section where you can select any vehicle you need from the drop-down menu such as cars, wagons, mini vans, full size vans, trucks, trucks with tailgate and flatbeds. When your order has been completed online you can then check the pricing and view/reprint your waybill anytime. In addition to placing orders via desktop we also have a mobile friendly platform that allows you to place orders wherever you may be.

As soon as your order has been completed, our dispatch team receives the information on their screen and begin dispatching it to the correct driver.

Staying current with technological advances on our end keeps things quick, simple and efficient on your end.

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