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How to lower your overall shipping costs.

Our main focus at AAA Express is making the shipping process comfortable and affordable for businesses. Here are some tips to help you make your shipping experience more cost effective and easy for both you and your customers.

Consolidating your accounts:

Some businesses use a number of different courier companies for various reasons without realizing that most courier companies’ rates are often based on volume. It benefits you to ship as much product on your AAA account as possible including incoming shipments of supplies and other material to help lower your rates. Ask vendors to ship product on your account which many will do. This will help you save on your overall shipping costs as well as your vendors shipping costs.

Looking to make a change from your current courier company?

Using multiple courier companies can be labour intensive and more expensive. To help avoid any inconvenience to you or your customers, we can help you with the process of transitioning if you are already using other companies.

Different shipping zones:

If you find the information for different ship

ping zones confusing, be sure to speak with your AAA representative to better understand and compare the pricing before quoting your customers.

Order Accuracy:

Be as accurate as possible with weights and descriptions of the product you are shipping. The more accurate you are, the more likely you to avoid any additional charges. Double check ready times, addresses you are picking up from and shipping to as well as provide any contact information or instructions such as pickup numbers, door/unit numbers and hours of operation.


A great rule of thumb in the courier industry is to always seal boxes and pack skids and other items you are shipping the same way you would want to receive them. A well packaged item is less likely to be returned due to any damage or missing pieces that may have fallen out during transport. This will save you money over time and this will keep both you and your customer receiving the shipment very happy.


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