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What it takes to be a courier in Toronto

According to Statistics Canada, with a population of 2.7 million people, Toronto is Canada’s largest city and North America’s fifth most populous municipality. The Census Metropolitan Areas of Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver experience the longest average commuting times at 33 minutes, 31 minutes and 30 minutes, respectively. In both Toronto and Montréal,

more than 1

in 4 commuters have travel times of 45 minutes or longer, which is much greater than in any other metropolitan area.

As a courier company, AAA Express travels throughout Toronto on a daily basis and we recognize the difficulties associated with this work. Delivering on time is not where it ends for us at AAA Express. Each driver we send to Toronto has a specific route and special instructions to follow along the way. We take orders via phone and our online system where we gather specific instructions for each shipment. Dispatch organizes the orders that come in and distributes the orders to each driver in the most efficient and effective manner. Our dispatch team has a combined 30 years of experience and understands our city from the inside out.

The AAA Express fleet is made up of very experienced drivers and we provide them with the most advanced technology available. Each driver has their own GPS tracking system in their vehicles as well as up to date traffic reports from our Traffic Feed. Our drivers communicate with dispatch using a very high quality wireless system. The driver’s handset also displays each order including all relevant instructions, and accepts electronic signatures so our clients can view their signed POD through their online account at any time. These tools, combined with the AAA Express team, are what navigate our drivers through Toronto’s busy streets quickly and safely, making sure your order arrives on time. We understand that each customer has unique needs and we have the strategies to meet these needs.

Customers often ask us how AAA Express is so successful in its ability to handle such time sensitive shipments. Simply put, our success is based on our team and technology. We have been completing deliveries all across Ontario since 1969 and have earned the Top Choice award a second year in a row. We are your courier for success.

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