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10 Holiday Tips for Shipping with AAA Express

1. Always Plan ahead, especially during the holidays. Be sure to ship as early as possible for urgent shipments.

2. Another great tip is to include the proper label on all packages, ensuring they are labeled clearly.

3. Try not to use old damaged boxes for shipping as they may not provide adequate protection (Note: If you are using an old box please remove old shipping labels).

4. When packing and shipping fragile items be sure to use packing materials such as foam, bubble wrap and proper packing tape.

5. When you place an order with AAA Express, you are provided with a tracking number. This tracking number can be used to trace your shipment online, and you can see the digital POD once delivered (Digital PODs are available for AAA Express client accounts).

6. Confirm holiday hours when shipping business to business, or to any government locations, as many places close earlier then usual during the holiday season.

7. Visit our new traffic and weather feeds on our website at to get an idea of the current road conditions.

8. AAA Express is closed December 24th/25th/26th/27th and January 2nd (Note: If you are placing an overnight order on December 23rd, December 28 will be considered the 2nd business day). Let us know the receiver’s operating hours so we can schedule the proper service and delivery time for you.

9. When ordering online, double check the ready date and time before submitting.

10. If you are shipping Dangerous Goods, always send the proper DG paperwork to our office via email or fax and provide the paperwork to the driver upon pickup. Be sure to notify us that the shipment is DG so we can dispatch a DG certified driver.

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