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A new way to place your orders with AAA!

Here at AAA Express we have a firm belief in building and maintaining long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. We always focus on our customers' evolving business needs. When AAA Express was founded in 1969, orders were called into the office, written down on a piece of paper, and then handed over to the dispatch team. Throughout the years we have made significant investments in technology. AAA Express is well known within the courier industry for it's advanced technology such as our heavily secured servers, unlimited bandwidth for the fastest loading website, latest dispatch and GPS gadgets and software, mobile friendly website, online ordering system and online tracking system.

We are constantly seeking innovative ways to introduce new technology to the courier industry. We are thrilled to introduce a second online ordering platform via our Facebook page. AAA Express is the first courier company to offer a Facebook ordering and tracking platform for our customers to use. In the rare case that the main AAA Express website is down, you will still be able to access your online client account through our Facebook page, thereby ensuring full continuity in service.

Introducing our Facebook online ordering platform...

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