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We offer an excellent free consolidation program here at AAA Express.  Over time we have helped our clients save money by reducing shipping related expenses, administrative headaches, and managing the expectations of both our customers and their clients.

AAA Express offers a variety of benefits compared to other types of delivery services. We specialize in many different deliveries of any size freight and offer a wide range of service levels and individualized tracking.  There is no better way to impress clients than by being professional, on-time and always dependable. Experienced courier companies, such as AAA Express, use well trained drivers with an emphasis on customer service.  


Our consolidation program can offer you and your client piece of mind when shipping important packages. Consistency in service will create a favorable impression with your clients.  At the end of the day you will benefit from fewer carriers at your docks to manage and reduce administration through consolidating orders with AAA Express.


Consolidation is also another way of saying the chain of custody is minimized. This means the number of people who will handle or touch your shipment from the time it leaves your warehouse until its final destination is fewer, decreasing the chances of errors significantly.


Safety and freight integrity are a major priority at AAA Express. You do not have to worry about your freight being harmed when you utilize our services, as our trained drivers are experienced in ensuring that your shipment arrives safely.
With AAA Express, you know your shipment is handled with care. Large courier companies such as Purolator and FedEx use warehouses with hundreds of employees to route and deliver your product or package, and this leaves a lot of room for errors and confusion.  AAA Express does not use this method making it a more personal and reliable experience.


AAA Express has a fleet of cars, wagons, mini vans, full-size vans, sprinter vans, dock level trucks, trucks with tailgate, flatbeds and 53’ trailers to best suit your needs.  We also offer services such as overnight, sameday, express, rush, direct, and direct-out-of-town to accommodate your time frame for deliveries.


We covered a lot of the perks above regarding consolidation however we also offer additional savings if significant order volume materializes. Call 905-625-1745 to set up a consultation with our one of our team members at AAA Express.


We have been servicing the Greater Toronto Area and Ontario since 1969. Let us evaluate the challenges you are facing currently with couriers and trucking companies so that we can better improve and overcome those challenges together.   

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